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Meeting Beech Hill Memorial Hall Annual General Meeting
Subject Minutes of Meeting
Venue Memorial Hall
Date 8.00pm, 2 May 2017
Attendees Graham Bell (GB), Charlie Carter (CC), Sam Moore (SM), Carole Woodason (CW), Hannah Callier (HC), Sarah Potter (SP), Fleur Howles (FH), Gillian Grahame (GG), Anton Roberts (AR), John Wait (JW)
Public 1 member of the public attended the Meeting.


Minute No. Minute Action
1. Apologies – Laura Bell  
2. The Chairman signed the minutes of the AGM held on 19 April 16 as a true record of the meeting  


Matters arising from previous AGMs:

  1. Could we consider providing a portable stage? Answer:  We considered this point but have not been able to find a platform that can easily be stored.  As no hirers have requested a stage, we will not pursue this matter further.


The Treasurer (FH) gave her report.

The Hall had another good year in 2016/17. Revenue from bookings was better than expected at £13,500, only 10% down on previous year rather than the forecast 25%. Running costs have been contained at £6700. Net income increased by 20% over previous year due to lower costs and reserve fund now stands at £26K. This is in line with recommendations for charities with similar turnover.

Hiring rates were increased last year to a level more in line with similar local halls. There were no complaints about increased rates. Hiring rates will not be increased again this year.

FH reported that the admin required for compliance with financial regulations and compliance with requirements for changing a bank account are becoming more onerous and very time-consuming.



The Chairman (CC) gave his report.

The Chairman reiterated that the Memorial Hall Trust is a not- for-profit organisation run for the benefit of the local community.  The committee will continue to use funds to maintain and improve the Hall and plan to improve the entrance porch. The Chairman tasked the trustees to think of the best way to distribute any surplus funds in accordance with the aims of the Memorial Hall Trust charity, once the porch has been paid for.

The Chairman thanked all the Committee particularly the Vice Chair, Treasurer, Marketing representative and the core team who organise events, for their efforts during the previous 12 months.  The Chairman thanked 2 trustees who are standing down for their hard work over the past few years. The Chairman thanked the member of the public for her interest and her kind comments but was disappointed in the public’s level of attendance at the AGM.



Election of officers.

Committee for 2017-8

Charlie Carter was elected Chairman, proposed by GB, seconded HC.
Graham Bell was elected Vice Chairman, proposed by HC, seconded by GG
Fleur Howles was elected Treasurer, proposed by GG, seconded by HC
Sarah Potter was elected Secretary, proposed by SM, seconded by GB



SM resigned as a trustee after many years of very valuable work.  LB has also resigned as a trustee.  GG may resign later in the year, for personal reasons.

The Trustees would welcome new Trustees, particularly anyone that can help with auditing the accounts. 

Trustees for 2017/8:

Charlie Carter, Graham Bell, Fleur Howles, Gillian Grahame,  John Wait, Carole Woodason, Sarah Potter, Anton Roberts, Hannah Callier

9. Date of 2018 AGM - Tues 15 May 2018  


Questions from the public:

The member of the public who attended the AGM thanked the Trustees for their efforts and confirmed that villagers who attend the regular events find them very enjoyable

11. CC thanked everyone for attending.  


I certify that this is a true record of the annual general meeting held on 2 May 2017.



Signed Charles Carter

Chairman of Beech Hill Memorial Hall Trustees:-


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