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Hiring FAQs

What is the capacity of the hall? For fire safety purposes, the hall capacity is 130.
For practical purposes, we recommend a maximum of 100 people, fewer if you are using a lot of space for dancing and other entertainment - say 80.
We have seating for about 100 people and 10 trestle type-tables for use inside the hall which can take 8 persons around the table. 
Can we serve alcohol? Yes, the hall is licensed for the sale for alcohol.
Can I use my own caterers, DJ, entertainers etc.? Yes of course, provided they each carry public liability insurance of at least £1m and you tell us who you are using on the booking form. We will remind you that there are neighbours nearby and excessive noise is not acceptable. BBQs and hog roasts are acceptable in the grounds subject to due care and attention.
What disabled facilities does the hall have? There is a ramp to the main entrance suitable for wheelchairs and a disabled toilet.
Our smaller breakout room is not accessable for disabled users due to a staircase up to it.
Can I decorate the hall? Yes, but please use the hooks strategically placed around the hall for this purpose and DO NOT attach anything to the walls. You can decorate the entrance area.
Is there a garden? Yes there is a garden, which you are welcome to use. The garden is well fenced but does have a gate onto the road, hence we cannot guarantee it to be child-proof. We strongly suggest that an adult supervises the garden at all times when children are there.
What if something goes wrong (faulty) in the hall during the hire? Call the number on your hire agreement and we will do what we can to remedy the problem. You will need a mobile phone with a signal as the hall has no telephone. When arriving we will show you the notice for the mobile phone to call if there is a problem.
How clean do I need to leave the hall?

Basically, as tidy as you found it, ready for the next user. This means:
• Mop/clean up any spills as they occur
• Bag and remove all black bin rubbish- we can help with glass and cardboard and plastic bottle recycling
• Vacuum the floors
• Clean kitchen surfaces and wipe tables
• Wash all glasses, plates and cutlery (dishwasher available) if you asked to use them
• Put tables and chairs back in their storage positions
• Report any breakages, damage and faults

Can I use WiFi in the hall? Yes, we have good wifi reception and the code can be provided free of charge. 
What parking is there? We have off road parking suitable for about 15 cars on hard surface and an overflow area in good weather for at least another 30 cars. If the weather is bad then the overflow will be closed and you need to park in Wood Lane on ONE SIDE only to allow free flow of traffic.
Is setting up / cleaning up time included in the hire? No.
You need to book enough time to allow yourself sufficient time to set up before your event and clean up afterwards. At our discretion, we may allow you to book time to clean up the following morning if your event finishes late.
Can I leave my own equipment in the Hall before and/or between hires?  No.
There may be opportunities by arrangement with the Bookings Secretary where your equipment may be brought in early or left overnight AT YOUR OWN RISK.
Will I be followed into the hall by another booking as I leave or have to wait for others to leave? We try to prevent 2 bookings in a row unless a local village user needs the hall. Therefore it is very unlikely that you will be rushed out or have to wait.
Can I show pictures on a screen? if you ask we will show you the electric screen which can be used during your hire.
Are there any table cloths for the tables that can be hired? No, if required please supply your own.
Will I be met at the hall, and how do I get in and leave? We always meet you at the hall at the agreed time, to answer questions and show you the facilities. We try to arrive at the end of your hire - but you may be asked to shut the doors and put lights out if no-one arrives.  
How do I pay for my hire? For all one-off and first-time hires this will be by bank transfer prior to the hire.  The Treasurer will send an invoice with all the details required for payment.  In exceptional circumstances only, this can be by cash or cheque on the day by arrangement with the Bookings Secretary.  In this case please pay the Key Holder that meets you at the Hall on the day.
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