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Beech Hill Memorial Hall Management Committee


Charlie Carter
Graham Bell
Anton Roberts
Sarah Potter
Hannah Callier
Carole Woodason
Gillian Grahame
John Wait
Fleur Howles

1. Apologies

See above. The trustees were very pleased to see John Wait and send our best wishes to Iris following the recent accident

2. Minutes of last meeting (27 June 2017)

Provided by SP and signed as a true record by CC

3. Matters arising

Harvey Crocker is still willing to re-surface the car park – carry over to next meeting

 4. Fete update   
HC and FH have prepared budget based on 3 scenarios (worst case, average and best case) to try to ensure event covers its costs and raises some money for the church.  HC explained fete budget in detail including holding back 25% of the profit as a reserve for next year’s fete.  Fete has been scaled back slightly from original budget saving £1000 in expenditure. Success

Fete will start at 1pm with competition judging starting at 1.30pm.

Advertising is underway (Loddon Reach, Facebook, posters, banners, estate agent boards). Programme is being finalised.
5. Maintenance update

GB reported that an electrical check has been carried out and he has provided a lock for kitchen cupboard.

Joe Curry has quoted to trim the hedge and clear the vegetation behind the hall – quote was approved by trustees.

The new cleaners have given the hall a deep clean to great effect and hall will be deep cleaned every 8 weeks.

GB will do planning application and budget for new porch in due course.

Hall maintenance and gardening day will take place on Sun 29 October – all volunteers welcome.
6. Events update

Bonfire will be on Armistice Day Sun 12 Nov.

Christmas party will be on Sat 16 Dec at 12 noon

7. Any other business
All trustees were reminded to approach people who may be interested in becoming trustees and to submit names to Graham
8. Date of next meeting

Thursday 26 October 2017, Memorial Hall

~ End of draft minutes ~


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