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Beech Hill Memorial Hall Management Committee


Charlie Carter
Graham Bell
Fleur Howles
Sarah Potter
Hannah Callier
Carole Woodason
Gillian Grahame

Anton Roberts
John Wait

1. Apologies

See above.

2. Minutes of last meeting (15 August 2017)

Provided by SP and signed as a true record by CC

3. Matters arising

GB has spoken to Harvey Crocker regarding re-surfacing the car park – plan to complete the works by next meeting in January.

GB will complete planning application and budget for new porch in due course.

Fete was very enjoyable and all success criteria were met. Hannah was thanked by the trustees for all her hard work in organising the fete.  The template for 2017 fete can be used for any similar future events and it should be possible to reduce expenses by reducing number of hired stalls and re-using advertising banners.  Revenue could be increased by starting any future fete at 12 noon in order to sell more food.  FH and HC to prepare theoretical budget for options for next fete, to be discussed at next meeting.  Assume same size or smaller, possibly in 2 years’ time.

Fete made approx. £1000 profit, 75% of which will be donated to church probably at carol service.  25% to be retained for expenses for next fete.

Maintenance day will be Saturday 4 Nov – meet in the Memorial Hall.  All volunteers welcome.

Potential new trustees – all to send names of potential new trustees to GB who will contact them.

The trustees are delighted that Robert Newman is feeling better and send him our best wishes

 4. Financial update   

FH reported that revenue is down on 2016 but expenses such as water and electricity are rising.

FH to ask AR to prepare new proposal to increase hiring rates to generate more revenue. Hiring rates have not increased for 2 years.

GB will put up signs to advertise hall to attract more daytime hires

5. Donation from Saints and Sinners, grants from Hall to causes

CC reported that Saints and Sinners may donate up to £2.5k.  GB to create 1-pager for CC to request/justify donation.

Trustees would like to have lunch together towards the end of the year and invite John Wait and Rosie Anstice. Trustees are happy to support Rosie Anstice’s planning application (GB to draft letter of support) and will offer other suitable help to make Will’s life easier as Will Anstice was such a key driver and supporter of the new Memorial Hall.
6. Maintenance update

GB will get plumber to fix toilet and dripping tap to avoid wasting water.

Hedge behind hall has been trimmed to a very good standard.
7. Next events

Bonfire will be on Sun 12 Nov evening – meet at pub for hot punch.  Soup and brownies will be provided in Memorial Hall for a donation, no tickets required.

Remembrance event in hall 12 Nov (read out names of war dead) – GB and DP.

Christmas party will be on Sat 16 Dec at 12 noon run by Sam Moore.  GG to check if she has Santa outfit, if not CW has one

 8. Thrive Event
Thrive would like to run a live music event in the summer as a fundraising event for Thrive, possibly at the Memorial Hall. Event would include food stalls and a bar and would take place on a Sunday afternoon. GB to continue discussions with Thrive.
 9. Any other business
 FH requested approval to pay accountant to prepare tax return (c. £450) and this was approved by Trustees.

GB confirmed that shop staff can use hall car park if hall is not being hired. Unfortunately there is a prior booking on date of Christmas shopping event.

GB has liaised with clergy to hire Memorial Hall car park for weddings.
10. Date of next meeting

TBD but will be in January. SP to check for convenient date nearer the time.

~ End of draft minutes ~
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