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Notes for Hirers

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Beech Hill Memorial Hall Management Committee

Notes for Hirers (Annex 1 to Terms and Conditions)

    1. You will always be met on arrival and departure by a Committee Member (Key Holder) who will be able to answer any of your questions. The Key Holder will give you a contact number for use should you need assistance and will ask for a contact number for the hirer/responsible person. The Key Holder will also check the Hall following the hire.

    2. When you arrive the main gates off Wood Lane should be open – if they are closed, please wait for the Key Holder who will open them for you.

    3. There will be parking available for approx 15 cars within the premises. There is an overflow car park if required, that will accommodate around 20 – 30 cars. The Trustees would rather you parked within the premises than on the roads around the Hall/in the village.

    4. The method of entry and exit from the main door will be explained and depending on the circumstances the code for the door may be provided.   The appropriate use of all entry and exit doors will be explained.

    5. Some lighting is movement-activated, but not in the main hall and kitchen. You will be shown where the light switches are and which lights are movement-activated. There are movement-activated external lights leading up to the main entrance and the car park/gate.

    6. The main electrical boxes and fuses are located in the disabled toilet. They are kept locked and on no account should these be reset or tampered with in any way during the period of the hire. If any problems arise, contact the Key Holder immediately.

    7. If you have hired the Hall with use of the kitchen, then the facilities will be explained.  Use of the Kitchen for anything over and above teas and coffees must be agreed in advance and may incur an additional charge. The kitchen has a lockable hatch for serving teas and coffees. Indoor and outdoor brushes and a mop are provided.

    8. There are toilet facilities for men, women and disabled users – note there are no showers.

    9. If the sound system is going to be used, this will be explained. Hirers should take account of people living nearby by ensuring that music is kept at reasonable volume levels, and for a disco or similar event the doors and windows must be kept closed after 6pm.   Additionally the use of smoke machines is strictly prohibited as they could interfere with the operation of the fire alarm system.

    10. The Key Holder will explain what decorations can and cannot be put up. Please do not pin anything to the notice boards or fix anything to the walls. There are hooks provided on the walls for this purpose.

    11. There are 100 plastic chairs available for use and 10 folding tables. Additional tables and chairs will be available if requested. Tables and chairs to be left in the same positions as found.

    12. The Willink Room will be locked unless specifically required.

    13. The Hall is very well insulated, and the heat automatically comes on from 8-10am and 6-8pm. If the Hirer wishes heating outside of these periods, the Key Holder will explain the way to advance the heating for periods of 1 extra hour.

    14. The Key Holder will explain the fire alarm system. In the unlikely event of the fire alarm activating, the hall should be evacuated immediately, following the emergency exit signs out of the building. Occupants should assemble in the car park by the shed at the entrance and not re-enter the building until the Key Holder arrives to de-activate the alarm and check the Hall.  If it is clear that the activation has been caused by an outbreak of fire, the Hirer should call the fire brigade giving the following address:

      Beech Hill Memorial Hall
      Wood Lane
      Beech Hill
      Berkshire RG7 2BE

      If it is safe to do so, a small fire can be tackled using the extinguishers located at:
      a) front door
      b) kitchen
      c) main hall andgallery levels

      but on NO ACCOUNT should personal safety be compromised. Hirers should not attempt to disable or reset the fire alarm but should await the arrival of the Key Holder. You are reminded that there is NO SMOKING allowed in the Hall.

    15. The Key Holder will explain the security alarm system. In the unlikely event of the security alarm activating, the Hirer should contact the Key Holder who will arrive to de-activate the alarm and check the Hall as above.

    16. All general rubbish should be taken away, but there is capacity for some recycling – to be explained by the Key Holder.

    17. The facilities for using the outside area (patio and grass) will be explained, as well as what you can and cannot do within the grounds. Hall furniture can be used on the patio but nowhere else outside.

    18. The pedestrian link across to the church will be explained. Where the outside area is being used, Hirers should be aware that the Beech Hill Road is busy and potentially dangerous. Special care should be taken to ensure that children do not access the road unsupervised.  

We hope you enjoy your event in the Hall and have a memorable day here. We would just remind you that the Hall is a community resource and a Memorial to those who lost their lives in the service of their country and should be respected as such. The Memorials in the Hall should not be touched or removed.

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