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The Trustees held the AGM via a virtual meeting of all the Trustees.

Minutes of last AGM (28 May 2019) here

Treasurer’s report here

Draft minutes of meeting here [to follow soon]

We are sorry the situation required a virtual meeting without interaction but if there are any questions - just ask us at


The update for week ending 5th June. The roof has now been completed and felted and tiled and you can see this here. The internal first fix wiring is done and the insulation inserted. The father and son team will carry on with internal plaster boarding and the ceiling structure. We can then get the electrics completed. Some part of the door frame is held up by a past factory closure and may take a bit longer than first thought to complete. Some time in July is still hopeful.

THANK YOU so much to all who donated - this has helped get us up nearly to the figure needed but we can always do with a little more for the hall especially as it cannot earn any revenue at the moment [and this will be for at least 2 more months] and some of the requirements to be met were higher than desired. Any donations via the Treasurer at will be most welcomed.

Please see here for a list of the Thrive open Garden days for 2020. PLEASE CHECK THRIVE'S OWN WEBSITE FOR THEIR CURRENT POSITION.

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